About Me

Welcome! Im Theresa McCabe It is my dream to help you discover the power of positive energy. I truly believe you have the power to create the life you want to live! Once you learn to realize your own creative power, you can turn your dreams of love, health and happiness into reality.

I live in the great state of Vermont with my boyfriend and love of my life, Mike. We have a big fluffy dog named Badger and a tiny menace cat named Biscuit. They are adorable so I suggest you follow me on Instagram!

Arts and creative design have always been strong interests of mine, while my love of basketball has played a huge role in my competitive and motivated spirit. My thoughts often move a million miles a minute, so I enjoy yoga and meditation to center myself and work on my self-awareness.

I am truly happy and feel extremely grateful to be living such an abundant life, and I want to spread the joy! I LOVE sharing my happiness and energy with others, I am basically a life cheerleader who loves to play the game!

My personal quirks: I get super jazzed about garage sales and thrift stores. I am a seasoned traveler. I love public speaking, writing, singing, driving, and yes, washing the dishes! Im obsessed with my laptop and my iPhone I am always connected to the Internet. I am writing a book.

When I am not out and about crossing things off my to-do list, you will find me perched on my comfy couch, reading a home magazine while drinking a chai tea latte with almond milk I am sugar, dairy and gluten-free!

I am so happy that you have stopped by my site, and I hope we can chat soon. Good vibes!