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Coaches Kim Ravida, Jill Ozovek, and Tracy K. Pierce on Setting Inspiring Goals

Most people would say that they want to live a balanced life. They want to give their time and attention to the things that really matter to them. But before you starting divvying up your time, its essential that first, you know what it is you want.

In a recent show on Life Coach Chat Channel, called Your Life Your Way: Align Your Goals with Your Values, Coaches Kim RavidaJill Ozovek, and Tracy K. Pierce shed light on the process of setting fulfilling and inspiring goals.

Jill Ozovek  says You really have to know what it is that you value before you can line up your goals with what those values are.

Great point! So where do I start if I dont know what my values are? You sit down and think it out. Grab a pen and paper and write down things you value. Steve Pavlina has a pretty thick list of values on his site. There are 418 words on this list, thats a lot of different values! And that is why it is so important you figure out your values, or at least have a good understanding of what is important to you.

But Kim Ravida reminds us to make sure our values arent being unknowingly influenced by outside forces, such as society, friends, parents, expectations, stereotypes, etc. If you dont choose a paradigm for yourself, someone else will and then you may be living someone elses lie in addition to living their life, Ravida explains.

Once you have gotten an idea of your own values, you can start thinking about setting goals that will honor those values.

RavidaOzovek, and Pierce also talked about the two different types of goals, the first being quantitative and the second being qualitative. Quantitative goals are measurable and specific, including how much and when? Qualitative is more focused on the question, how do I want to feel?

Ozovek says that while neither is better than they other, she tends to go for more qualitative goals. But of course it always depends on the person and what motivates them, Ravida says. There are so many different types of goals and approaches to goal setting, it just depends on what works for you.

But remember, even when you are pursuing your goals, be sure to try to remain present in the moment and enjoy the journey! Its not all about the destination. So thats a bit of where that balanced life comes into play. You want to set goals in line with what is important to you in terms of values. This will help motivate you to achieve them and inspire you to enjoy the journey.

Here is the hour-long radio show with some very insightful tips and talk about the goal setting process!

Your Life Your Way: Align Your Goals with Your Values
1/21/2014 12:00:00 PM EST

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Replace Negative Self Talk with Positive Affirmations!

When I start asking myself negatively posed questions, or talking down to myself, I recognize a shift in my energy. I tend to feel a sense of defeat and a limit on the actual endless possibilities in my mind and my world. The key is to recognize the unwelcome chatter and replace it with positive affirmations!

I recognize the  negative self talk because it usually include phrases like I cant, I should or I shouldnt, which emerge from my own personal insecurities, limiting beliefs and assumptions. Also, when said out loud, these phrases sound kind of judgmental, not only because of the content of the question, but the connotation as well.

I can hear myself. I have trained myself to listen for it. I dont always catch it, but I make it a point to try to be aware. Its not always easy, but ideally I try to replace it with limitless, positive affirmations.

This can sound sort of fairy dust and rainbows to someone who has been ensnared with inner yuck talk for a long time, so just know it is a process. Wherever you are is where you are meant to be. We are each capable of going wherever we want to go.

So when you are training your mind to hear your self talk, you will be increasing your self-awareness. Try to think about what is triggering you to say you cant, or you shouldnt, and how you can replace your negative self talk with positive, encouraging words of affirmation.

Choosing to think, speak and act with genuine kindness and love will create a ripple effect in your circle of life, and then the world. When you choose to treat yourself with love and patience, you are making a point to set the precedence for what it is you believe you deserve. Choose love!

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Amazing LOA Blog Post: Must Read!

I just read an awesome blog post from Melody Fletcher. Heres a powerful excerpt from todays Deliberate Blog post on the Law of Attraction.

The most important thought to keep in mind is that you can get what you truly want, and that everything, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Nothing is random. There is always an energetic cause and effect, but it’s a very individual cause and effect. There are no cookie cutter solutions here, and you can’t logically determine what your underlying beliefs are, much less someone else’s. You CAN figure it out, though. Nothing ever happens by mistake, and there’s always a positive reason for everything, even if you can’t see it. Embody this mindset, and your life will get tons easier, no matter what happens (and yes, stuff will still happen, although it will mostly stop sucking.)

I am subscribed to Melodys newsletter, and her empowering dialogue is worth reading everyday!

A few more snippets from the piece:

Money simply represents energy, remember that.

Stop striving for money. Strive for what you want that money to bring you, what it represents to you.

Check out the blog post:

Dear LOA: If I Have To Raise My Vibration To Get Money, How Do Douchebags Ever Get Rich?

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What Moves You

Over the past 4 months I have made many changes in my life, through both my thoughts and actions. Sometimes my mind changes so fast that my friends and family cant quite keep up. I find myself using the limitations of the physical world as a filtration system for my thoughts. The ticking progression of time tends slow me down and force me to really think about what I really want to do.

I always say the hardest part of life is deciding what it is you truly want. I am striving to live a passionate and fulfilling life. I have found myself thinking about how I can make that happen. I ask myself what steps must I take to bring my vision into reality? Meanwhile, I continue to take action. I try new things. I find out if something is worth my time by trying it. If it doesnt fit, I keep moving forward.

This is a tricky balance. But I think Ive got it down pretty well. For the past year and a half I worked with Furniture Consignment Center in Williston, Vermont. I tapped into my passion for repurposing and recycling while using my marketing and people skills to grow the business. It was an amazing experience and as many people told me, it was so me.

Then, somewhat out of the blue, I realized that this position was awesome for me at the time, but the future me didt want to do it anymore! up. I was ready for the next step, and I had to think about what that was. I definitely knew what I didnt want to do I no longer wanted to be chained to the store.  I didnt want to have to work every weekend. I didnt want to lift and move heavy furniture anymore.

These negative thought triggered me to think about what it is I DO want to do. I want everything! But I am also so extremely grateful for everything in my life. A few of the highlights though: I decided I want to feel more freedom. I want free time and the option to travel. On a grander scheme, I want to make a difference in the world. I want to inspire people. And of course, I want lifelong learning.

A few months later I had exited the furniture business and started on my track to becoming a positively inspiring life coach. I have changed my career path to align with my own personal life and self values.

So what do you want out of life? What thoughts move you into action? If it helps, think about what is you definitely dont want in your life, then try to flip them into the positive.

Good vibes