Mastering Self-Awareness in the Real World

By | November 13, 2013

Mastering self-awareness is a life long journey. The world has a way of  changing, evolving and reshaping itself, and so do you! When you are able to understand your own thoughts and emotions, you will have more control over your life.

Self awareness is a powerful state of mind!

When you are able to dissect your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, youll gain more of an understanding as to why you say and do the things you say and do! Once you figure out why you are feeling _______ [insert emotion here], youll be able to make conscious decisions based on patterns in your behavior.

Having self awareness allows you to see where your thoughts and emotions are taking you, as well as how to control how you show up to the world.

Self realization is part of self awareness.

This concept of self-awareness doesnt just apply to meditating yogis or spiritual gurus. it applies to everyone in every life! How exactly does it work, you ask? Here is a story I made up to help explain:

Susie Wilson was sitting on the subway on her way to work downtown.

She had a presentation at 10 am that she was going over in her head and she realized she was mumbling the key points out loud. She felt embarrassed, and decided maybe she shouldnt answer herself out loud, because people might think she was crazy. She stopped talking to herself out loud because she decided she didnt want to be perceived as a crazy talking train lady

Susie had a self-realization! She chose to amend her actions based on how she wanted to show up to the world! Simple as that.

Be who you want to be!

My dad always encouraged me to think before I speak. This is an awesome tool to use when you are in ANY situation. You have the ability to choose your actions and words to reflect the person you want to be!

One thought on “Mastering Self-Awareness in the Real World

  1. Erik Emanuelli

    Hi Theresa,
    you pointed some interesting concepts.

    Self development is a long way, that practically never ends!
    As long as you feel you want to improve yourself and your life,
    there is always something to change or to polish up.

    Self awareness is a really a state of mind : if you want, you can!

    Thanks for sharing at Klinkk, Theresa.
    Really inspirational!

    Have a fantastic weekend.


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